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the First Years Hands-Free Gate

Quick Overview

Pressure-mounted safety gate that doesn’t require any hands at all! And while it’s simple for an adult to just press on the pedal and walk through, it’s too difficult for a baby.

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Because of its simple "knee-knocker" mechanism, this Hands Free Gate can do exactly what the name implies: be opened without having to use your hands. Any parent occupied with little ones and all of their necessities will quickly recognize this as a huge benefit. To operate, simply press on the pedal with your toes and then bump the knee plate with your knee. Closing is just a nudge in the opposite direction; you will hear a click when the latch has caught, offering peace of mind that it’s secure again.

The pedal, knee plate, and hinges are designed so the gate can swing open from either direction. Even smarter is that the gate is purposely designed as easy-to-open for an adult, yet difficult for children. The gate’s vertical bars curb curious toddlers from trying to climb over, are spaced to help prevent painful accidents, and provide ample visibility through to the other side.

Able to fit in standard doorframes (29" to 34" wide), the all-metal safety gate is a pressure-mount device. Just twist the adjustable bolts at each of the four corners to get a proper, secure fit in your doorways. (If you have wider than standard doors, The First Years sells extension kits separately that can accommodate up to 44-inch wide openings.) It should be noted that this safety gate can be a little unsteady when used at the outer limits of its range, so you may want to consider an extension kit even if using in a standard doorway.


  • Gate opens in both directions
  • Metal frame won’t mar walls
  • Audible click indicates gate has locked

Color:  White

Size:  30"H x 34"W x 29"D


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